Coronavirus Updates

March 18, 2020


Dear Members,


What a time we’re in. We are all in uncharted territory at the moment. As all of you know by now, the County government forced our closure on March 17, 2020. We’re uncertain as to when this closure will be lifted. The best place to go for updated information will be our website. We will do our best to keep our notifications as current as possible.


We are not surprised to be asked about membership billings during this period.

Here’s our plan: Many people were drafted for their full dues amounts on March 1st. We’ll prorate or “true-up” the 50% of the month that was lost due to the club closures. We’ll do the same type of proration for those members who were drafted on March 9th and March 15th as well.


Beginning with the March 23rd draft, we will be drafting all members, going forward, at $8 (eight dollars) per month, which is our “Freeze / Inactive Status” membership. Why are we doing this? During this shutdown, we still have business infrastructure systems to maintain, financial obligations to meet and some key employees to pay. For example, the people who will be executing all of these changes to our member accounts will still be working. We feel this is a fair and reasonable trade-off under the circumstances. You have similar obligations in your own lives that just can’t stop, even now. I know some health club companies are still charging their members full rates. That’s crazy. For those members who wish to simply cancel their memberships at this time, if you return after the coronavirus situation abates, you will be subject to our current rate structure. If you’ve been a member with us for some time, I’m certain the rate will be higher than your current/old rate.


We fully expect to come through this disastrous situation. We hope for good health to you and all of your friends and family members. Take all the precautions and information that the CDC is providing. Finally, we ask that you stay with us and remember to look for updates on our website.


Thank you for your loyalty and cooperation.


Jerry McCall / Owner

The McCall Gym Group, Inc.

American Barbell Clubs


• Temporary Government Shut-Down Notice can be seen here

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